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MK 10

MK 10 environmental protection container 

Maximum safety was taken into consideration in this container design, for the collection and temporary storage of transportation packaging materials which contain liquid hazardous materials or waste. The container has solid, sealed walls, with an outward-opening double-wing door at one end. The bottom consists of a salvage tray which is designed to capture and collect any liquids, which can then be drained out through a sealed pipe using the tap located on the left-side of the container. The removable floor placed on top of the salvage tray is made from galvanized, welded, steel grid. As a result, as long as the regulations are respected, no environmental pollution can be caused by any hazardous waste which may leak out during temporary storage.

 The following legislation and standards were respected in the design:

  • chemical safety: Act XXV of 2000, Health Ministry Decision no. 44/200. [XII.27]
  • waste management: Act XLIII of 2000, Gov. Decision no. 98/2001. [VI. 15]
  • accidents involving hazardous materials: Act LXXIV of 1999
  • fire protection: Act XXXI of 1996, Interior Ministry Decisions no. 2/2002 [l.23] and 35/1996. [XII. 29]
  • international shipping of hazardous goods on public roads: Hungarian National Standard MSZ 9936