PARK Party Center is being built from containers supplied by Mobilbox

Park plan
Park plan
Park plan
Park plan
Park plan
“Budapest’s largest party centre is being built from containers.”
A description of the establishment has been published in the following article:

"Budapest’s largest party centre is incorporating containers

Budapest’s new outdoor party place, Park is under construction from cargo containers. The party centre situated at the Pest bridge head of Rákóczi Bridge will be suitable for hosting more than ten thousand people at a time. The creators are a former co-partner and one of the professional managers from Zöld Pardon, as well as an owner of the Morrison’s clubs. The opening night on 3 May will see Richard Dorfmeister on stage.

The party centre called Park will be opened from early May until the end of September in eleven thousand square meters. The organisers are claiming to employ environmentally conscious solutions, and the new venue will be capable of hosting up to 12 000 guests at a time. The Park will be constructed in the vicinity of the Palace of Arts (MÜPA), in Soroksári Street – says the communiqué of the organiser, Kultúrtér Kft.
According to the organisers, the Park’s music offering will not be restricted to the in their 20s and 30s, but will aim at including fascinating programmes for the middle-aged, as well. In addition to its focus on musical genres, the party centre is planned to function as a multicultural node, a scene of fine arts exhibitions, theatrical and dance performances, book presentations, author events, a meeting place for creative communities and non-governmental organisations.

With experience from the Morrison's and Zöld Pardon

The venture is said to have earned extensive experience in organising concerts: creators are a former co-partner and one of the professional managers from Green Pardon, as well as an owner of the Morrison’s clubs. The Park is being established as a result of a private investment at a scale of tens of millions, operated under the management of Kultúrtér Kft. As it is written: "such an institution shouldering public service duties may be created that funds its activities from private capital instead of public finances".

Big stage for ten thousand

In the Park, there will be five dance spaces constructed: in the large dance arena, Hungarian and foreign bands, DJs will play, and besides Retro Garden has been designed to function as a sheltered electronic music venue with two dance halls.

The dance space for the Park’s Big Stage will have a capacity of ten thousand people, and the organisers expect to populate the 160 square meter stage with domestic and foreign bands, DJs, different performers from abroad from week to week, for five months. According to the notice, an unmatched spectacle will be the so-called Dome Alter & Special, a dome-shaped structure equipped with “ultramodern visual technologies” and promised to serve as a venue of the Hungarian alternative music scene and sports broadcasts. On the other hand, the VIP Club is planned to be an exclusive club with its own roof terrace and community spaces, and serve as a creative meeting point of the domestic and international artistic sphere.

Among others, the May programme brings here Richard Dorfmeister coming with Ras MC T-Weed to Budapest, as well as Dub Pistols, Kowalsky meg a Vega, Hooligans and Republic.

Built from used containers having served in navigation

Imre Rimóczi, the head of the designing Dinamo Architect Team has said to Hungarian News Agency Corp. (MTI) that the most important aspect of planning the Park was to create a permanent venue for festivals that matches mass-visited events with high-standard services, and fulfils the associated and security requirements. It can be quickly erected and pulled down, has an incomparable architectural character, relies on environmentally conscious solutions – claimed the designer.

Beyond the stages, the entire superstructure has been pieced together from containers used in navigation and transportation – said Imre Rimóczi, adding that the recycling of used containers as building elements is in fact an international trend. This technology is employed to construct residential buildings, office buildings, exhibition spaces, as well. He also explained that this solution would allow the creation of a totally different festival venue in the following season from the same building blocks, as if they had been using giant Lego bricks."

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