Zahájení sezóny,  kontejnerová akce v Mobilboxu!
Zahájení sezóny, kontejnerová akce v Mobilboxu!
Aktuální, časově omezená nabídka na nákup nových skladových lodních kontejnerů
6m (20) Vnitřní rozměry v mm (D/Š/V) 5.898/2.352/2.393 a
6m HC (20) Vnitřní rozměry v mm (D/Š/V) 5.898/2.350/2.695
MX 20 DV 59.900,- Kč + DPH / MX 20 HC 69.000,- Kč + DPH

Jim Beam Motel
Jim Beam Motel
Summer is the festival season. With the use of Mobilbox containers, buildings of unique designs have been erected to serve the company’s image, appearance and promotional goals excellently.
Transformer station
Transformer station in a container
Implemented by linking up two containers of individual dimensions, an insulated facility has been constructed to accommodate a transformer station.
Park plan
PARK Party Center is being built from containers supplied by Mobilbox
“Budapest’s largest party centre is being built from containers.”
The team from Argentina
Expansion in South America
New Mobilbox site opened next to Buenos Aires.
Industrial park expansion
Building extension in the industrial park of Felsőzsolca
Due to the growing headcount, the existing office and changing room block proved to be insufficient and short, after adding a second level to the building the problem has been solved.
Florist interior
Florist’s in the container

There are numerous consumer goods where a key to be close to customers. Mobilbox containers are able to fulfil this requirement. An excellent example is a florist selling from a container.

Technological container
Sprinkler centre in the container
A technological container of unique design for the accommodation of the engineering and control center of the sprinkler system of a building.
School building
Container school in Haiti
At the end of last year, a school building of two classrooms was opened near Port-au-Prince (Haiti) upon the commission of an aid organisation in the earthquake-stricken country.
Kindergarten from containers
New container kindergarten in Szentendre
The second Mobilbox container kindergarten has been opened in Szentendre. The new section of the building has been added as an extension of the existing, conventional constructed structures.